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I am Tracy Joy.... a wife, and mother to 3 young children, with a passion & love for photographic art. Specializing in newborns and young children, I adore all things artistic, especially photography. With my love of color & texture, I strive to create a truly unique custom photography session for each family. Established since 2008, I do what I love and I love what I do.

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Julie – Mommy & Me Session

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Nothing is quite as important to me, as a professional photographer, than capturing MOMS & BABIES.

As a mom myself, I know how hard it is to get in front of the camera with your own children (we are the snappers!), so these sessions are some of my favorite.

And … there is no greater compliment than shooting another photographer. Julie… I adore you, and these amazing children of yours!

TracyJoy-1727 TracyJoy-1752 TracyJoy-1780v2 TracyJoy-1800 TracyJoy-1823 TracyJoy-1829 TracyJoy-1842 TracyJoy-1872 TracyJoy-1910 TracyJoy-1953 TracyJoy-1974v2 TracyJoy-1989 TracyJoy-1998 TracyJoy-2041 TracyJoy-2076v2 TracyJoy-2108

TJP… Announcement to fans, clients & all

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I figure the best way for a major announcement is here,
on my blog… where & how I started this great photography adventure….


Many of you know I have made some major changes in the past year+.  From booking less, not taking on new clientele, and stepping back from photography a wee bit to enjoy the fleeting days with my own young children as a stay at home mom.   Well… I have made one further decision, in my journey through photography… as much as it pains me, and brings up so many fears inside (since I truly love what I do)… I am ready to announce…

Starting 2016, I will not be shooting any further FAMILY OR BABY SESSIONS.
(*my 2015 is already booked)

DON’T FRET!  I am still going to be shooting and indulging in the photography world… just switching it up a little bit. I am in the midst of switching my full photographic focus to newborns, and special stylized shoots for children 4-12.   

In 2016, I will focus entirely on NEWBORNS... you can still trust in me to capture those first and most precious moments of your new babies life.  Putting my 110% into those fleeting first memories, and turnign them into life long pieces of art fo you and yoru family to enjoy for ages.


However, I am also doing to do something fun with my photographic adventure in 2016…

I will be bringing in and offering some fun & sassy STYLIZED SESSIONS for children ages 4-13.   Together with my amazing friend (of 30 years!), Jeanna Gattuso of LOLLIPOPS SHOP & Jeanna Gattuso Couture Stylizing, we are excited to bring stylized session of whimsy, charm & delight to the NW Illinois area.  We have a vision of beauty, fun & excitement, that can only be brought together as a team.

What is a stylized session?  This… and so much more… 

TJP_0826v3-REFLECTION-copy TJP_2860v2


I do apologize and I so appreciate you entrusting me of your photographic needs…. so I have put together a fabulous list of locally trusted & talented photographers.I know them, and their works, all personally… they are each as talented as the next. I trust their skills, & value their experience & love for photography.  All are located in the general area… some travel, some have studios of their own.  They are legit businesses, and trustworthy.  Simply contact me for the referral list, and I will be more than pleased to share these talented artists with you. 

Thank you so much for entrusting TJP in the past, present, and even future… for capturing your special and most dear memories. I look forward to this new adventure… and cannot wait to bring the artistic expression & enjoyment I know it will bring to all. 

xo, Tracy Joy

TJP_0890v2 TJP_4358 TJP_4597 twinnies TJP_8999 TJP_7125 TJP_6695 TJP_6351v2 TJP_4818 TJP_3240v2 TJP_4239v2 TJP_0420v2

  1. Jess posted the following on May 19, 2015 at 9:53 am.

    SO happy for you my love!!! <3 you are going to do great things

  2. JoanneScantlebury Muckart posted the following on May 19, 2015 at 12:15 pm.

    Congratulations Mz Tracy <3 How exciting!:) Can't wait to ohh and ahh over all the FABulous images you will be creating with your new direction :)

  3. Crickets posted the following on May 19, 2015 at 6:00 pm.

    You’re the one, T girl! :-)

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