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TJP is a team of two photographers, Tracy Joy & Jamie. Through our love for babies & family, we enjoy capturing the "simple joys in life" through our lenses! Photographing the Lake Zurich, Palatine and surrounding area since 2008.

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DSLR guide… only $99! ~buy now~

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This weekend… grab our DSLR “How to Learn your DSLR Camera” Guide for only $99!!!

Click >>>HERE <<< to read more and purchase… or just click the “add to cart” below!

Whether you are mom-tog, aspiring photographer, new DSLR owner… or just something looking to refresh their own photography professionally or hobbyist… I have created this guide for a fun & whimsical take on the “ho-hum” guides you may have seen before.  This is me… goofy & silly, letting you into my own world (professionally & personally), and showing you how I capture images of my own family & clients.  I tried to make it light & free, while keeping it educational and easy to learn from.

This guide was created 4 years ago, and recently I have set aside time to revamp, liven up, and make some new additions to the Live Laugh Click Workshop GUIDES!



TJP_5484V2 copy



just for the fun of it…

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Being a photographers daughter, my middle one is more then used to a stop in the park on a pretty night (when we are supposed to be grocery shopping!)

Snapped these last night, what a pretty sunset.
She surely keeps me inspired…
and smiling!

In fact, you can thank her for my love of photography as a whole.
I’ve always had a camera in hand, since a child…
but when she was born… that loved blossomed into what is now my professional career!

TJP_5697V2 TJP_5484V2 TJP_5496 TJP_5566 TJP_5618 TJP_5655

Big news for TJP Studios…

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I know many of you have been waiting for this announcement…
and wondering what the full details are…

so, here we go…


This year, we made a huge decision to cut back our hours… reducing them so that we can spend more time with our own families, creating precious memories for ourselves.  With that thought, it also lead to another huge decision… what to do our retail studio in Palatine?  With cut down hours, we would still have the expense of a studio retail space… which is what lead to this decision.

After a happy 2 years in our retail location, we made the choice and are going to be closing our retail studio doors as of May 1st 2014.  The retail space is no longer necessary with our reduced hours, so we are stepping back and taking things to their original beginnings with TJP.

Don’t be sad… I mean, we have had some amazing times & shot some super beautiful images in our studio… but Tracy Joy Photography (Tracy & Jamie) are NOT closing, just a retail location. We will still be happily snapping our regular clients, capturing those same precious moments through photography… but our session style will now change.

Our new “style” will be more organic, free flowing, and touch base with our beginning in photography and our true love of photography as art… with nature.

Newborns will be held out of my home studio (like they were in the beginning)…
you will see the same beautiful props & images we have always provided to our newborn clients.

Babies 6m+, toddlers, families will all be held OUTDOORS (maybe a new in private homes).  With the beautiful backdrop of nature, we will only be going lifestyle sessions out and about in fields, meadows and local parks.  This means no more studio style images of babies & toddlers.  These sessions will all be held in the great beautiful outdoors of Lake/Cook County, and this we are truly excited about!
Jamie and I lOVE shooting outdoors, there is something magical about nature and babies.





We are NOT closing our photography business, just closing the retail location that we have worked from (and loved) in downtown Palatine.

What do you have to look forward to in 2014 from TJP?
More images like these… which we know you will enJOY!

TJP_9643 TJP_1040 JKB_0936-Edit TJP_8207 TJP_6597v2 TJP_6052 TJP_3234-Edit TJP_9303v2 TJP_8429 TJP_0568 TJP_7849 TJP_7634 TJP_6704v2 TJP_5602v2 TJP_3805 JKB_3444-Edit IMG_1917 IMG_8541v2 IMG_0265 IMG_0237 hazey © Tracy Joy-7948 © Tracy Joy-1657

So don’t be sad…


2014 is going to bring great things to Tracy Joy Photography… and we are excited to share them with you!

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Professionals need professionals too!

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Being a professional photographer is the best job I can imagine.

I play with kids, snuggle babies, and capture breathless, inspiring, candid & precious memories for families each and every day.  Photography is a gift that I choose to share with others, because I know just how amazing life is and how important those memories & moments are to capture.

BUT with that being said, as a professional photographer myself… its hard to get me in front of the lens… and not always behind it.

Tripods.. yeah sure… NO, lol. That takes away the creativity and true fun of a shot! Being able to interact with the people in front of your lens… you cant do that with a tripod (metal or human, ha!).  Which is why when I took a family vacation this spring break, I hired my own professional photographer… someone to capture MY MOMENTS… MY MEMORIES… MY FAMILY, just like I do for others. I’m surely lucky to have my partner in crime, Jamie… she has captured so many moments for us!   But going out of my area, and somewhere away from home, and capturing those memories, that is something super special as well.

Lucky for me, I have some amazing & talented friends in the industry, and one (actually three!!!) so happened to live in the city I was visiting for our family spring break vacation.  So I contacted and hired the beautiful & talented Cherise Kiel Photography… and she did something truly splendid for me and my family that I never could myself…

she captured us through photography.


603596_10152081917631553_811449573_n 1381783_10152081867686553_261117451_n 1393017_10152081974611553_585560732_n1973181_10152091445461553_1818769309_o

No matter who you are… 

how “professional” you are… 

the busy schedule that YOU also have…

or any other excuse you might find stored up in your noggin… 

I tell you, from my heart 110% … do the same for your family,
AND HIRE A PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHER… even if you are a professional photographer yourself!

Save your money, find the time, and invest in a professional photographer for capture the moments you share with your family.
There is nothing more important, nothing more sweet.. and nothing more fragile than these memories.

SO HIRE A PROFESSIONAL… even if you are a professional yourself.
You’ll thank me… I promise <3

And to  Cherise Kiel Photography
I cant thank you enough.. for taking the time away from your own precious little ones, and sharing your uber talents and passion to capture the smiles & silliness of my sweet family of 5.
These are cherished memories, and I cannot express my gratitude enough to you.

 Cherise Kiel Photography
and find Cherise KIEL Photography on FACEBOOK too

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Chic Critique Magazine | Issue 9 { Vintage}

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As many of you have already seen in past blog posts… I am a happy & bouncy contributing writer over at the Chic Critique MAGAZINE. And every issue, I write a sweet little article about … well, what else PHOTOGRAPHY PROPS!

This edition was all about VINTAGE props!
And even though this edition doens’t include any of my own images,
it is my writing, my words and my LOVE of photography & props…
so I’m always humbled to be a part and share this great magazine!


Join the Chic Critique Forum

CHIC CRITIQUE MAGAZINE | Issue 9 {Vintage} is now available in DIGITAL and PRINT!

This beautiful new issue is going to be a photographer favorite.. I mean VINTAGE!!!!
We all (well, 99.99%) L.O.V.E. vintage photography props.

So our friends at CHIC CRITIQUE MAGAZINE | Issue 9 {Vintage} made it happen.

Here is a sneak peek into our article for this amazing issue…
all vintage photography props… and how to find, love & use them!

Ps, you can find more of me at Tracy Joy Photography
your little host here at Prop Insanity,
and contributing writer for CHIC CRITIQUE MAGAZINE | Issue 9 {Vintage}

1622321_625520784182464_61475799_o Screen Shot 2014-03-19 at 3.15.22 PM Screen Shot 2014-03-19 at 3.15.29 PM Screen Shot 2014-03-19 at 3.15.39 PM




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