and all the beautiful children…

these past few weeks have been B.U.S.Y…. and my lens has been the center of that insane schedule.


however, its hard to complain about being busy when you love your job… and when your eyes are graced with beautiful children day in and day out.

here is a little peek at my last week… and the sweet families, and their children, that my time was happily spent with.
TracyJoy-5532 TracyJoy-5565 TracyJoy-5870 TracyJoy-5964 TracyJoy-6048v2 TracyJoy-7021 TracyJoy-57152 TracyJoy-5375 TracyJoy-5515 TracyJoy-5754

Julie – Mommy & Me Session

Nothing is quite as important to me, as a professional photographer, than capturing MOMS & BABIES.

As a mom myself, I know how hard it is to get in front of the camera with your own children (we are the snappers!), so these sessions are some of my favorite.

And … there is no greater compliment than shooting another photographer. Julie… I adore you, and these amazing children of yours!

TracyJoy-1727 TracyJoy-1752 TracyJoy-1780v2 TracyJoy-1800 TracyJoy-1823 TracyJoy-1829 TracyJoy-1842 TracyJoy-1872 TracyJoy-1910 TracyJoy-1953 TracyJoy-1974v2 TracyJoy-1989 TracyJoy-1998 TracyJoy-2041 TracyJoy-2076v2 TracyJoy-2108

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