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Mini Workshop – Outdoor Newborn!

NEWBORN Outdoor Mini Workshop

$299.00 $225.00

Come Join the Fun!!! Only 5 spots are open for this event.

Enjoy the perks of a beautiful “Outdoor Newborn” Mini Workshop.

MONDAY AUGUST 1ST, AT 9:30am – 11:30am

Shoot along side me, Tracy Joy… and observe how I pose and work with baby, to achieve a natural and unique outdoor newborn images.


  • Bring your camera!  You will be shooting along side Tracy Joy, and capturing images for your own portfolio.
  • Learn newborn posing, basic lighting, and prop SAFETY, when in an outdoor setting.
  • Newborn Model, set in two (2) outdoor settings.
  • Live editing after shooting.

Mini Workshop will last approximately 2 hours… start to finish.  10am, at my home studio & local park (or yard!).

*Due in full at time of purchase.
No refunds, but your seat can be sold if you are unable to attend.

Shoot out will take place within zip code 60047… details will be sent to attendees.

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Newborn Sessions for 2016-2017

I have a few limited sessions open for 2016… so please comment & share if you or a friend/family has a new baby on the way <3

Because… BABIES ROCK! Well… and I am sorta obsessed with capturing those itty bitty details and baby snuggles <3

More info can always be found on my site:

August – 1 session (just opened)
September – 2 sessions
October – 2 sessions
November – 3 sessions
December – 1 session
January -1 session
February – 2 session


Summer Blogging…

Well.. it’s been a while since I blogged.

Summer + Kids + Work = NO TIME LEFT OVER.

So… here we go, one giant blog post to show you some of the insanely fun things I have been working on.   Newborns, babies, big kids… fairies & princesses… maternity <3

Life is good.

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